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Art Lounge Show

Happy to have these 6 new paintings in a group show Tiny Pieces, Tiny Prices coming up at the Art Lounge in Spartanburg, SC .
The opening reception is May 18th, and they will hang till June 1st. If your in the area, stop by and see them and take them home. 10$ each.


Man in High Castle season2

We finished Man in High Castle Season 2. Season 1 set up most of the story arcs and the big revelation that it was possible for people to traverse both of the worlds. Minister Tamogi spends most of season two in our world where the US won the world war and while most things are better his family life is in disarray in this world.
Jon Smith, the Nazi commander deals with a family issue that shows he’s more human than the ruthless Nazi they portrayed in season one and Joe Blake ends up in Germany to find more than he bargained for.

If your a fan of alternative history there has never been a show like this before. The first season has some uneven parts but it all pays off in the fast paced season 2 without losing the history and unique takes on what could have been.
If you want to check it out click below for a free thirty day trial of Amazon Prime. More than enough time to watch the entire show.


The Flash: Borrowing problems from the future.

Tonight’s midseason return for The Flash brought back the fun of the show I like but also some of the extra worry that Mr Barry Allen seems to be always strapped with. The episode is titled Borrowing Problems From the Future. That’s exactly the gimmick the writers have been relying on for the past season. Anytume they solve a problem for Barry, they delve it to what if’s or what could be if Team Flash doesn’t make the right decision. It’s a small departure from Flashpoint where Barry change timelines by going into the past but in the end, isn’t he still meddling with the timeline?

The time travel stuff has always been one of the shows strong points but we are quickly losing the team dynamic and fun of earlier episodes in favor of a brooding Barry staffed only with saving Iris and those he loves. Sometimes I just want to watch him run, and not always in the timestream.

Still it’s the only CW show I’m still following and one of the few shows I can’t wait to watch with Milo when he’s older. Till next week.


Asheville Zine Fest sponsor Woolly Press

Please support Woolly Press as they have supported our little con Asheville Zine Fest

Woolly Press

Established in 2013 by Mica Mead and Colin Sutherland, Woolly Press is a risograph publisher and print shop based in Asheville, North Carolina. Utilizing a Riso RP 3700 digital duplicator. Woolly Press has produced a variety of publications, products, and artist prints of family and friend’s works, as well as regional and nationally based artists. Woolly Press strives to provide an outlet that supports original content, displays high quality creative technique, and an excellence in printing with a commitment to the environment.
Woolly Press


The Killing Joke

Watched this animated adaptation last night and it left me wishing i had just reread the much more interesting comic of the same name. Where the comic takes the Batman universe and treats it with serious respect, this cartoon adaptation misteps by adding romance between Batman and Batwoman and uses sexual influence to what should already be a powerful story. Batman and Joker were always the story here and things get muddled, and even sexist with what they do with the cartoon adaption. It’s sad as many of the voice actors from the phenomenal Batman: The Animated Series, are here but their talent and ownerships of these legends get lost by bad storytelling.
As such I can’t recommend you viewing it, unless you are a Bat completionist. Pick up the book instead.


Convenience versus the Economy

At first this above video made me think the future is here, but then I started thinking and it’s really scary.

Ever use a self check at the grocery store? What about an ATM? How about ordering something online instead of going out into the world for it? Yeah, we are all guilty of it. But what will be the tipping point where our drive for convenience will eventually dismantle the US workforce?

I’ve made a conscience effort to go the cashier at my local grocery lately as I see the 10$/ hr that will go home with them valued higher to my five minutes quicker out the door. And don’t think for a minute once the stores can get rid of cashiers you won’t be waiting in line. You’ll just be waiting on the computers to process your sale.

The national movement to raise the minimum wage, where its spirit is good and human, will only drive the technology to put a large amount of the US workforce out of work. Wendys already announced plans to reduce their workforce this May replacing cashiers with screens. Their competition will be implementing similar things as soon as they can develop their own way of incorporating the machines in their existing structures. Forcing these companies to pay higher wages will only advance this movement.

The problem is of course deeper. Up until the 1990’s careers at McDonalds were entry level usually filled by teenagers and college students. Somewhere along the way our workforce ran out of options and started making the McDonalds model a career, something it’s not viable as. If McDonalds pays living wages for employees, then their will be no more Fast food chains. At least not any with a Dollar Menu. Maybe that’s not a bad thing but the companies will do what they need to meet their bottom line. If that means replacing employees with machines then that is what they will do.

Where then do all these employees go to work next? They’ve already lost a career at what our country considers a job for the uneducated or unskilled. Rightly or wrongly they will find it hard to find further employment.
And it’s not just fast food employees who will be impacted. Uber, a refuge for people who lost careers, has already started rolling out Self driving cars to replace their drivers. Good bye Taxi Drivers careers. This will be followed by Bus drivers, garbage men, and eventually long haul 18 wheeler drivers. If you can pay a one time fee for the robot that will deliver your goods, why keep the man and his family’s health insurance behind the wheel? Wild stuff and as the technology advances all occupations could one day be replaced.

Scary times indeed. So if you believe in supporting people that work, stop going to self check, stop using the ATM, stop ordering your groceries by mail. It won’t stop the incoming wave of jobs being replaced, but it’s the ethical choice, and might, just might be a way to keep food on someone’s table. At least for a while longer.


Toy Look: Regular Show Titans.

Picked up two of the Cartoon Network Titans. I only wanted the Regular Show ones and I got Mordecai on the first try, and then luckily found an open Rigby later.

The figures are pretty good at catching the look of the show and normally I prefer Funko Mystery Minis to the oversized heads of the Titans line but I really like these guys. They measure about 4 inches tall and have limited arm and head articulation something they also have over the Mystery Minis.

If you like the Cartoon Network lineup these are worth grabbing for around 8$ each, but with all mystery or blind buys, you might end up with duplicates or one you don’t prefer.

All together I enjoy the ability to not spend a lot and have something that doesn’t take up a lot of shelf space.
You can get them here or get a whole case below.


Carolinas Region Con pick for January 2017

If your going to host a con in January, and it’s not going to be in the comfort of a hotel, and it’s only going to be one day long, then you better be darn good. And luckily for those of us within a day drive of Charlotte, NC there is Heroes Minicon! Now in it’s 40th year the show packed into the Grady Cole center in Charlotte is older by five years than it’s much bigger summer brother Heroescon but packs a whole lot of awesome into a much tinier space. Where Heroescon is the go to destination for comic artists, Heroes mini feels more like a traditional show with equal space given for comic creators, comic dealers, toy and collectible hunters and one or two Anime sellers as well. The only drawback to this show is that it’s crowded. At times the floor is almost un passable but with lots of time to shop and not much ground to cover you still have time to see everything.
If your near Charlotte make a day trip of it. We usually hit a Dim-Sum place in the morning, go comic shopping at the con, and then have a nice dinner in the big city before coming home. Pretty much a perfect cold January day.

What: Heroes Minicon 40
Where Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, NC
When: Saturday January 28th, 2017.