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Moon Knight Vol 1: From The Dead.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Warren Ellis, from his first issue of Transmetropolitan. To have him writing Moon Knight who has always been one of my favorite Marvel b heroes was just icing on the cake. Moon Knight really got a revitilization by Brian Michael Bendis about ten years ago making the hero basically a lunatic driven mad by the god Knoshu. Warren Ellis chooses to play on that angle but only focuses on the vigilante aspect of the story and no longer on Marc Spector, the man under the mask.

Most of the issues are pure violence without much room for dialogue or story. It’s as if Ellis had one point to make with this story, and it’s that being a crimefighter isn’t about words but about leaving blood on the criminals and the streets. There’s no grey to the story. It’s a strange departure for his writing style, but his style still seeps through in the one or two quips Moon Knight gives his victims. The book is an enjoyable although fast read due to the lack of words and the new costume designed by Declan Shavey is a splendid mix of the old look and straight gangster.
I enjoyed it and am continuing the story post Warren Ellis. I’ll have a volume 2 review later.
Moon Knight Volume 1: From the Dead


Hawkeye Vol 2. Little Hits

Hawkeye Volume 2, collecting issues 6-11 of the series by Matt Fraction and David Aja tells five individual stories that all continue the story of our down on his luck Avenger just trying to live his life as a New York City landlord, while dealing with his protege Kate Bishop, Ex’s who just happen to be Superheroes, a Mobster who wants him dead, and his dog Lucky.

The story doesnt feel like your normal superhero fare and the amazing art by David Aja looks like it would fit more in a Chris Ware comic than a Marvel one really helps the series stand out. Theres a great issue about the effect of Hurricane Sandy on the New Jersey coast and issue 11 tells the entire story from a dog’s view of the human world.

One of the best solo Avenger stories of this decade continues with the volume, and the best part of it is, there’s no superheroics to be found in its pages.
Hawkeye, Vol. 2: Little Hits


Toy Look: Black Knight and Enchantress Minimates.

What: Marvel Minimates Series 69 – Black Knight & Enchantress

The latest Marvel series of Minimates is series 69 and features an Avenger who has been waiting a long, long time for his Minimate debut. It’s kind of crazy to think it’s been 69 waves of the line and we have the entire cast of Alpha Flight but not one of the main Avengers of the 1980’s.

Of course that’s one of the reason the line has lasted so long. Marvel has an endless supply of heroes and villains to choose from. Well the Black Knight waited and he got a pretty nice figure for the wait. The gold on the paint really shines and makes his helmet really pop. His cape is a very well made to not limit poseabilty although it doesn’t hold the figure up as many previous capes in the line have. Thankfully Diamond has continued to supply stands for all current Minimates.

The second character in the two pack is the Enchantress another big Marvel persona to never have a release. She is a good sculpt, and resembles her very well. She comes with two green blast accessories and a flight stand.

After collecting this line since its inception, it’s rare for me to buy alot anymore as I can only have so many Iron Man and Spider Man figures so it’s always great when they do an odd two pack like this. I also picked up the rest of Series 69 which included Tigra and Classic Falcon, and Blizzard and Mandroid

As long as Diamond releases more figures that don’t already have representation I’ll keep buying, because you can’t beat having the entire Marvel universe at a 2.5 inch scale.

Get yours here! Black Knight & Enchantress


Agent Carter: Instant Reaction

Just finished the first two episodes of Marvels agent carter and there are 5 reasons it wins on first touch.

1: setting. The 1940’s setting plays well on the small screen and feels way more alive that most television settings.

2: It’s a strong Female lead in the Marvel universe who isnt wearing spandex. That alone gets it points.

3: Jarvis. Howard Starks butler adds a much needed sidekick and his wife I have a feeling we will never see is a very important setpiece for the writers.

4: It feels Big. Where Marvels Agents of Shield lacked focus for most of the first season, we already have a clear and dangerous problem to deal with and it just works on every level.

5: Haley Atwell. She is Peggy Carter. Anyone else wishing this would permanetly replace Agents of Shield?


Spidey returns.

Well I loved Mirrors Edge, but that was video game. Do I need first person shaky cam on the big screen? And do we really need a new origin story movie? Couldnt we just start from the middle? We’ll see.



Went to see Thor today. I liked it. Not loved it. And the problem is that its a really good Thor movie. And the fault lies in that. Of all the Marvel heroes, we’ve seen on screen so far Thor is by far the most otherwordly. We have Spider-man, the NYC troubled teen. We have the X-men, also relateble teens. The Hulk represents our nuclear fears. Iron Man, our wartime and power corruption ones. With Thor, you have a fantasy, mythology, folklore. And you lose part of what those other stories have; human personality. Natalie Portman brings a lot to the screen time she is given, and her interactions with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) are some of the best parts of the movie, but alot of the film takes place in the beautiful and cgi painted Asgard. It’s well done, enjoyable, and a good action set. But something about it doesn’t grab me the way Tobey McGuire did when he swung through New York the first time, or when we first saw Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine at that bar in Canada.

That being said Asgard is great, and if you could make a “rainbow bridge’ cool, they did it here. The frost giants were neat, and above all Tom Hiddleston as Loki stole the show. I can not wait to see what they do with him in Avengers. Speaking of Avengers we get some neat sneaks into that movie throughout this film, and they really have built the expecations pretty high. I may skip work when that film opens next year.

If your looking for a good start to the Summer movie season, Thor is a good place to start. I just wish it felt a little more human.


X-men: First Class.

When I first heard they were making this, I was pretty meh about it. The first trailer came out and I saw some good things, but this trailer right here kind of nails the feeling of early X-men perfectly. This will at least wash the taste of X3 and Wolverine out. I love the style choices being made, and really this has become the summer Marvel movie for me over Thor and Captain America. Can’t wait.



Rumor is the Skrulls brought to Earth by Loki (from Thor) are the villians in next years Joss Whedon directed Avengers. Get me to 2012 now.