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Current Games with Gold

From now until the end of January current subscribers to Xbox Live Gold can get two games for Free.

The first is season 2 of Killer Instinct for Xbox one. I find this as not a full game as your just getting 8 fighters for the game and if you want the complete experience you’ll have to buy more from the store. Still it’s a tremendous fighter and plays well in multiplayer. An added bonus it comes with the original Killer Instinct 2 from the arcade days. The fighter hasn’t held up well over time and what was once a great game is slow and chugs along compared to modern fighters. But as a novelty add on it’s fine.

The other free game is the wonderful Rayman Origins a star for sidescrolling adventure platformers. Released in 2011 you’d still be hard pressed to find a nicer looking 2d platformer. This one shines in the gameplay department and is well worth the download.

I’d say the older game is the one worth your time for this half of the months lineup. Here’s looking forward to a great year of free games on Xbox Live.


Game Audio.

Playing through Bioshock, I’m amazed at the amount of detail being etched into these imaginary worlds. As good as the graphics are and the big daddy’s scare, where Bioshock really succeeds is in the audio department. When you hear a lady screaming down the hall, or a moan from around the corner it really sends chills up your spine. That and the jazz that comes on randomly throughout just amps the tension to 11. Im only about six hours in, and from what I’ve heard Im close to one of the major twists in the game. So far I’m not just looking at the game of the year, but also the Oscars for sound design and cinematography. It’s too bad Hollywood would only butcher this adaptation.


Bioshock demo wows.

This is how you make games as art. Make it still a game and yet add sooo much atmosphere, like the jazz and the posters and other things that you feel like your watching a movie. A really great movie. Granted I had really great hopes for this game to begin with, but after playing through it the only thing I can say is it’s very immersive. That freaking plane through the glass tunnel was awesome and the water effects are amazing. My only concern is that the game may end up being to hard for me. I did the demo on medium but I think I will play through it on easy when it hits retail. Id hate to end up missing the beauty of this world of rapture they’ve created because I was dying too much. Bioshock even though its not horror like the resident evils, it may truly be the game to scare me. It’s already pretty unnerving watching the Big Daddy’s and the little sisters. If the game lives up to the demo, we may have our game of the year out on Aug 21st.


E-3 Microsoft demos

A bunch of new demos are up on Marketplace because of E3.
I really enjoyed the NCAA demo of course and can’t wait till Tuesday to buy the full game. I am not a fan of the Stuntman Ignigtion demo as that type of gameplay just feels restricted and kind of boring. Full Auto seems much better suited for that type of gameplay and even that was boring.
Ace Combat six seems like a great airplane game. Too bad I suck at flying so much that it isn’t even worth my time.
Then theirs Blue Dragon a game I had high hopes for but it looks kind of bland and I think I’ll just wait for Eternal Sonata which I’ve already sung it’s praises and maybe pick up BD sometime next year when it hits bargain prices. So demos are good but the only one that really wowed me was the one i was going to get anyway and that’s NCAA. hopefully we will get some more before the week is out.



so a whole weekend of March Madness has gone by and ive watched almost no basketball. that’s just weird. I’ve been distracted I guess.
It’s funny I got the 360 in order to play all those fancy looking hd games and what am i playing? Texas Hold Em poker over live. That’s pretty ridiculous. The cool thing is they released the old arcade Turtles game and I’m going to dowload that tommorow. Oh how I miss these huge machines. There was one for The simpsons, X-men and this one. Some of the best quarter wasters ever.