This webcomic Peas has been running from 2007 to 2011 here. I am stopping work on the project as of right now as my passion lies elsewhere. When I started Peas back up from the print zine version it was in an effort to get me to create weekly.

I now find myself writing for various comic and fiction projects, painting creature paintings, and collaborating with people pretty much daily. It leaves Peas in a hard place, where not much thought goes towards Bob and Sally, and oftentimes you just get nonsense on the page. Also with my writing, Id rather have my stories fleshed out by artists who can handle what I want on the page.(NOT ME) The crude peas imagery worked for gags and bad puns, but not so much for the longer stories I want to tell.
Id never say never for the return of Bob and Sally, as they’ve already come back once, but for now it’s time to let them sleep awhile.
Thanks for reading!

They will stay archived online for you to read whenever you want.
And I still have Buttons and Zines for you.