Our History and Our Future Track listing. V/A "Our History and Our Future" CD
12 great bands, out of print

This cd is now out of print. 1,000 are out there in the wild.
1 the mighty rime “my dear maude”
2 the twelve canons “the mind wanders”
3 the blessed “mouth full of stars”
4 signal hill “stream of consciousness”
5 mark schwaber “forever every evening”
6 warm regards “breathe”
7 sea defeats sparrow “the starting point of a..."
8 the westerlies “the polar easterlies ain’t no lies!”
9 the disease “insect gods”
10 the five mod four “the sound of my own..."
11 tiger mouth “self depreciating”
12 cacaphonlopithecus “grace patterns in chaos”
"our history and our future" out of print!

12 songs by the mighty rime, the twelve canons, the blessed, mark schwaber, warm regards, the disease, signal hill, sea defeats sparrow, the five mod four, cacaphonlopithecus, tiger mouth, and the westerlies, Art by Shemaiah,only $2 buy it!