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Man in High Castle season2

We finished Man in High Castle Season 2. Season 1 set up most of the story arcs and the big revelation that it was possible for people to traverse both of the worlds. Minister Tamogi spends most of season two in our world where the US won the world war and while most things are better his family life is in disarray in this world.
Jon Smith, the Nazi commander deals with a family issue that shows he’s more human than the ruthless Nazi they portrayed in season one and Joe Blake ends up in Germany to find more than he bargained for.

If your a fan of alternative history there has never been a show like this before. The first season has some uneven parts but it all pays off in the fast paced season 2 without losing the history and unique takes on what could have been.
If you want to check it out click below for a free thirty day trial of Amazon Prime. More than enough time to watch the entire show.