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The Flash: Borrowing problems from the future.

Tonight’s midseason return for The Flash brought back the fun of the show I like but also some of the extra worry that Mr Barry Allen seems to be always strapped with. The episode is titled Borrowing Problems From the Future. That’s exactly the gimmick the writers have been relying on for the past season. Anytume they solve a problem for Barry, they delve it to what if’s or what could be if Team Flash doesn’t make the right decision. It’s a small departure from Flashpoint where Barry change timelines by going into the past but in the end, isn’t he still meddling with the timeline?

The time travel stuff has always been one of the shows strong points but we are quickly losing the team dynamic and fun of earlier episodes in favor of a brooding Barry staffed only with saving Iris and those he loves. Sometimes I just want to watch him run, and not always in the timestream.

Still it’s the only CW show I’m still following and one of the few shows I can’t wait to watch with Milo when he’s older. Till next week.