Moon Knight Vol 1: From The Dead.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Warren Ellis, from his first issue of Transmetropolitan. To have him writing Moon Knight who has always been one of my favorite Marvel b heroes was just icing on the cake. Moon Knight really got a revitilization by Brian Michael Bendis about ten years ago making the hero basically a lunatic driven mad by the god Knoshu. Warren Ellis chooses to play on that angle but only focuses on the vigilante aspect of the story and no longer on Marc Spector, the man under the mask.

Most of the issues are pure violence without much room for dialogue or story. It’s as if Ellis had one point to make with this story, and it’s that being a crimefighter isn’t about words but about leaving blood on the criminals and the streets. There’s no grey to the story. It’s a strange departure for his writing style, but his style still seeps through in the one or two quips Moon Knight gives his victims. The book is an enjoyable although fast read due to the lack of words and the new costume designed by Declan Shavey is a splendid mix of the old look and straight gangster.
I enjoyed it and am continuing the story post Warren Ellis. I’ll have a volume 2 review later.
Moon Knight Volume 1: From the Dead