of coasters and survival.

Jess made me a great coaster so that I wont risk ruining another keyboard with my unexplainable need to always have some form of drink around the computer at all times. Hopefully that tempers that. We completed two more pages of His World Her World tonight. It should be our best issue yet. So good in fact you may want to hide the pets and break out the sake to celebrate with us.
I’m heading to Anime Iowa this weekend to realize how old I am. Anime cons are the cons where you deal with people anywhere from 8 to well my age. Im old at this con and that’s just weird. But I’m o.k. with that, because it means Im the hip ‘old’ guy. UGHH… That was painful to write. That’s alright though because this year there is a track of panels for old anime. Meaning the stuff I actually remember and not Naruto, or Fullmetal. Stuff that came out before the internet and you paid twenty dollars for 30 mins of animation. What world were we living in when $20 seemed reasonible for an episode of Tenchi Muyo? On VHS? anyway this is my second trip to Anime Iowa and it’s only ten minutes down the road at the beautiful new Marriot. Bring the Pocky, Im ready.


One thought on “of coasters and survival.

  1. Jessica White

    hmmm… can you really call yourself ‘old’ before even reaching 30?

    i don’t think so, kiddo

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