reasons ill be broke this year.

unnanounced lucky creature projects.
new psp that i must own.
then i must buy capcom collections, and loco roco,
ncaa 08 on tuesday!,
eternal sonata,
bsg season 3
bsg rzr,
serenity collectors edition,
league of extraordinary gentleman black dossier,
The orc king by r.a. salvatore,
super mario galaxy,
college freaking football,
ds9 figures,
oh man, ive got to drop a geekdom. or two.


One thought on “reasons ill be broke this year.

  1. Melissa

    Did you see that Sony is going to disconinue the “less expensive” version of the PS3 when they run out of stock? Although it is only less expensive by about $100 ($500 vs. $600). Guess more people are going to by Wii games.

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