Went to see Thor today. I liked it. Not loved it. And the problem is that its a really good Thor movie. And the fault lies in that. Of all the Marvel heroes, we’ve seen on screen so far Thor is by far the most otherwordly. We have Spider-man, the NYC troubled teen. We have the X-men, also relateble teens. The Hulk represents our nuclear fears. Iron Man, our wartime and power corruption ones. With Thor, you have a fantasy, mythology, folklore. And you lose part of what those other stories have; human personality. Natalie Portman brings a lot to the screen time she is given, and her interactions with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) are some of the best parts of the movie, but alot of the film takes place in the beautiful and cgi painted Asgard. It’s well done, enjoyable, and a good action set. But something about it doesn’t grab me the way Tobey McGuire did when he swung through New York the first time, or when we first saw Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine at that bar in Canada.

That being said Asgard is great, and if you could make a “rainbow bridge’ cool, they did it here. The frost giants were neat, and above all Tom Hiddleston as Loki stole the show. I can not wait to see what they do with him in Avengers. Speaking of Avengers we get some neat sneaks into that movie throughout this film, and they really have built the expecations pretty high. I may skip work when that film opens next year.

If your looking for a good start to the Summer movie season, Thor is a good place to start. I just wish it felt a little more human.