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Marvel Cats Nova

Theres a twitter thing going on right now where artists are reimagining the Marvel Universe as Cats. Just search #mrvlcats on Twitter to see all the awesome artwork. I hopped on the computer and did a Nova Cat for you. I may have to end up painting him sometime soon. I like his little mouse.


Iron Man 2

I liked Iron Man 2. In fact things I liked better in this one. Better Villian. Mickey Rourke is cooler than Bald Jeff Bridges. There I said it. I also liked that CGI is now good enough that fight scenes aren’t a blurry mess. You can actually see the motion and it looks like a real fight. WAR MACHINE. Awesome.
Alot of critics and people I know hate that Marvel is making each movie about the Avengers. I think it’s a bold step and if it works can you imagine the cinematic universe they would create? The easter egg at the end of the credits makes me wonder what timeline we are dealing with in regards to a certain Norseman. And maybe it makes sense now that Kenneth Branagh is directing Thor if it takes place in Asgard more than Earth. Either way, I thought Iron Man was fun, and my only real negative is I sometimes thought Downey took the Stark Ego just a little too far, even for Tony. Otherwise solid sequel, and a nice romp in Marvel land.


Wolverine Review.

The Good. Hugh Jackman. Nice opening title sequence. Gambit actually worked for me, and I liked Dominic Monaghan’s character. The locations. The Pacific Northwest looks great on film.

The Bad.
Almost everything else. If your going to have a story that really butchers the comics, then at least have the decency to spend money on the special effects. Some of it was just awful. There is no excuse anymore for being able to tell when someone’s on a blue/green screen and there were many many scenes that looked awful. And then the terrible cameo with really bad ‘young’ make up. Really?
And the brother on brother fight scenes every ten minutes. Who cares after the first five fights. Really?
And aren’t guys in Fat suits for comedy, like so Austin Powers 3? And it wasn’t funny then.
If you haven’t gone yet, save your money and go see Star Trek next week instead, for better special effects, better story and an altogether better movie experience.


Embrace Change! Embrace it!

Well you will see this on many a cable network in the next couple of days. It’s Marvels promo for Secret Invasion. I like that their using there new found movie money to acutally you know, promote a comic book, but I got to wonder if the ESPN viewers are going to have any clue what this is about.


1st Wolverine Footage

This will get taken down by Fox Im sure so enjoy it while you can
Wolverine. Sabertooth, The Blob, Deadpool and Yeah Gambit all make appearances. Wait I thought this was a solo movie. Awesome!


A day of volunteering and hulking

So we started the day by going down to North Hall to try and save some of the stuff from the center for the book. After being there less than an hour the police came and kicked us. They padlocked the doors and sent us on our way. We headed up to mickeys for beers and lunch and then got persuaded to see the Incredible Hulk instead of The Happening. It was actually a pretty decent summer movie. Not Iron Man or Batman good. But better than Ang Lee’s vision of the Hulk from a few years ago. Afterwards we went down to the library and joined a chain gang moving books and Iowa Films out of Special Collections. Ended our day with Fruitista’s from Taco Bell. Now settling in for the final Battlestar of the year. Tommorow I will try to navigate the roads/rivers and get to work.


Geek Media day!

Im about to settle in here in a moment and watch Lost on the computer and then later today head out for Iron Man. Im not reading anymore reviews today. They need to say something negative to lower my expectations but so far they havent really. All the reviews are pretty praising of the movie even some comparing it to Spiderman 1. Wow. Then a swift ride home to catch tonight’s BSG!
Oh yeah the final vertical styled Peas for a while is up. It’s pretty cute. next week is our big relaunch We think youll like it!



Loveless # 19. Wow. finally the story gets going again. I was slowly giving up on this book but not now. Tight story telling and the art is back at top form.

The Immortal Iron Fist. Hardcover collecting the first six issues. If you would have told me that in 2007 two of marvel’s coolest characthers would be Luke Cage and Iron Fist I would have laughed. Brian Bendis made Cage relevant again and this is what Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker have done with Iron Fist. A must for any fan of Martial Arts comics.

Anders Nilsen’s Dogs and Water is sparse in it’s renderings and it’s pacing is almost dreamlike. He leaves alot for the reader to figure out and that is quite alright. One of the better indie books I’ve seen this year.


Fantastic Four 2 is actually pretty good.

I can’t believe I’m writing this but Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer is actually pretty good. It’s much better than Spiderman 3. I dont think I could have even thought that months ago.
The difference between this one and the first one is astonishing. The first was overly dramatic, cheesy and just too long winded. This one is still cheesy at times, but appropriate and the heroes powers are used at the right times and not just too show how cool they are. The one thing that really separates this movie from the other one though is Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer. It’s amazing that a creature actor can have such a big impact. He was wonderful in Pan’s Labrythinh and Ill have to go back and watch Hellboy to see him as Abe again. The characther deserves his own movie. One set entirely in space. It could be a great way for Marvel to expand their film Universe. Take him to the Kree Skrull war. You could make three movies on that alone. I just cant get over how cool the surfer is in this film even using cgi technology from terminator 2 era. I would much rather see Silver Surfer movie before we get a Fantastic Four 3. Still I will definetly be watching this movie on dvd.