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Free Comic Book Day

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Find a store and take your kids, start them on a life of reading & adventure.

I know I was lucky enough to have a mom who drove me and my brother to comic stores and gave us a dollar at the local gas station to get a comic. We learned to read with comics. We learned about myth and fiction. We learned about art.
And we learned to dream.

Be that person for someone else and not spend a dime doing it. Go to an event this Saturday with your kid. Or go by yourself and see what awaits.


2016 Conventions

Here’s the current plan for what cons I will be at this year. Might squeeze a few more into the schedule. I am not vending at any of them although I may have my zines at our Asheville Zine fest if I’m not too busy running the event. I am also doing some social media for Parks & Cons so at most of these events I will be doing work for them. Hope to see some of you at these events this year.

11/11- 11/13, 2016
NC Comicon Durham, NC (fan/press)

10/15-10/16, 2016
Fayetteville Comic Con Fayetteville, NC (Fan/Press)

9/2-9/5, 2016
Dragoncon Atlanta, GA (Fan/Monday OnlY)

8/13-15, 2016
Wrecking Ball Atlanta, GA (Fan)

7/30, 2016
Asheville Anime Asheville, NC(Fan)

6/30-7/3, 2016
Convergence Bloomington, MN (Panelist)

6/17-6/19, 2016
Heroescon Charlotte, NC (Fan)

5/1, 2016
Asheville Zine Fest Asheville, NC (Organizer)

4/24, 2016
Marble City Comic Con Knoxville, TN

4/2-4/3, 2016
Sc Comiccon Greenville, SC (Fan)

3/18-20, 2016
Mace West Asheville, NC(Press)

3/11-3/13, 2016
Joelanta Atlanta, GA (Fan/Press)
Andocon Atlanta, Ga (Fan/Press)

2/27-2/28, 2016
ETSU Con Johnson City, TN (Press)


What Happens in The Dark.

I have a piece of art work in the zine “What Happens in The Dark, A Grand Theft Auto Zine” out now and available to download free at the following links.
Main Page and
Read it on Issuu here
There are also links to download it directly through Google and Mediafire if you prefer higher image resolutions from the main page above.
My piece is on page 7 and is the first piece of art in the zine. Some great artists to be included with. Enjoy.


Wrecking Ball Atlanta

Had an amazing time at Wrecking Ball in Atlanta this weekend.
Saw so many bands I never thought I would see again like Braid, Knapsack, Samiam, Getup Kids, Appleseed Cast, and discovered new ones like GirlPool, Frankie Cosmos, Northbound and so many more. What a great music festival, and one I plan on attending again.


goodbye Mr Nimoy

Just need to write today and say thank you to Leonard Nimoy. I first discovered Star Trek through a neighbors house while cat sitting at the young age of six. They had the old one episode on tape vhs cassettes you can now find in yard sales everywhere. My whole fandom starts with Star Trek and everywhere it diverts to is because of that show.
Nimoy along with Shatner are the reason I am a geek, and it’s hard to express how their playing these roles changed my life. Unlike a lot of things that fascinate as a child, Star Trek continues to mean something as an adult and Mr Nimoy is an important part of that. He also lived his life as an artist and for that we should all salute him. Rest in peace sir. We will all try to live long and prosper because of you.