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Carolinas Region Con pick for January 2017

If your going to host a con in January, and it’s not going to be in the comfort of a hotel, and it’s only going to be one day long, then you better be darn good. And luckily for those of us within a day drive of Charlotte, NC there is Heroes Minicon! Now in it’s 40th year the show packed into the Grady Cole center in Charlotte is older by five years than it’s much bigger summer brother Heroescon but packs a whole lot of awesome into a much tinier space. Where Heroescon is the go to destination for comic artists, Heroes mini feels more like a traditional show with equal space given for comic creators, comic dealers, toy and collectible hunters and one or two Anime sellers as well. The only drawback to this show is that it’s crowded. At times the floor is almost un passable but with lots of time to shop and not much ground to cover you still have time to see everything.
If your near Charlotte make a day trip of it. We usually hit a Dim-Sum place in the morning, go comic shopping at the con, and then have a nice dinner in the big city before coming home. Pretty much a perfect cold January day.

What: Heroes Minicon 40
Where Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, NC
When: Saturday January 28th, 2017.


Premier week.

It’s premier week. It started last night with a better than usual family guy star wars edition, and continues tonight with nbc’s quasi scifi night of Chuck, HEROES, and Journeyman,
Wed has Bionic Woman and in two weeks Pushing Daisies. Bionic may actually be great since David Eick of BSG is producing. Let’s hope. What new shows will work, what will be gone in two weeks? Oh the fun of running a network.


heroes turn’s it up a notch.

When I first starting watching Heroes I wasn’t that intrigued. I work most Monday nights and so it didn’t seem that put together to me. But now almost a full season in, and the show is really starting to work and sometimes it performs amazingly well. The shocker this past episode was worthy of a season ending cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how their going to finish this thing.


Two Genre Shows Return

Battlestar Galactica continued it’s third season last night and after watching a pretty great finish to the Colts-Patriots game I was ready for some space opera melodrama. The show isn’t hitting the peaks for me that it did during it’s second year but it is still easily one of my top three shows to watch every week, and I’m pulling for it to get renewed next year.

Heroes tonight returned and brought with it Christopher Eccleston(DR. WHo) Do you realize they could kill off the entire cast and just replace them with new heroes if they wanted too? Better not ask for a pay raise Greg Gruneberg. I like the hokeyness of this show. Yeah I just said Hokeyness. Are the people in Blacksburg, Va happy now?