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Toy Look: Regular Show Titans.

Picked up two of the Cartoon Network Titans. I only wanted the Regular Show ones and I got Mordecai on the first try, and then luckily found an open Rigby later.

The figures are pretty good at catching the look of the show and normally I prefer Funko Mystery Minis to the oversized heads of the Titans line but I really like these guys. They measure about 4 inches tall and have limited arm and head articulation something they also have over the Mystery Minis.

If you like the Cartoon Network lineup these are worth grabbing for around 8$ each, but with all mystery or blind buys, you might end up with duplicates or one you don’t prefer.

All together I enjoy the ability to not spend a lot and have something that doesn’t take up a lot of shelf space.
You can get them here or get a whole case below.


Current thought process is jumbled due to the overwhelming amount of fear I have for tonights State of the Union. Here’s hoping we make it out alive. Bush has 11 months left in office, can we stay out of another war in that time period?

On a different note. Aqau Teen VOl. 5 comes out tommorow. Stupidity ensues. Now that I think about it, not much difference is there?


aqua teen the movie.

is well. aqua teen. its funny and it definetly has its moments, but there are also times when you just don’t feel it and wonder how anyone could get away with this stuff as even being remotely funny. But it has meatwad as much as it has master shake. Strictly only for fans of the show, but yeah worth it. I think when I buy the dvd i will watch this movie chapter by chapter. That way it will be like getting another season instead of a very long episode. B.



Heck while were on the subject here’s the trailer for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters( actual title) Early screenings have been mostly negative but who cares? Aqua Teen is one of the best things Adult Swim has had and now with the added controversy I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie actually makes money and considering the budget that shouldn’t be that hard to do. Enjoy the trailer. In all its Lens Flare cheap photoshop glory.