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East Carolina Football :The Book

Got this awesome ECU book for Christmas. It’s part of the Images of Sports series and contains 128 pages of historical photos and captions of the history of East Carolina Pirate Football.
The book only spends about 5 pages on Pirate football past the 1991 season so for someone like me who went to school from 1996-2000 this is a neat history lesson to see where Pirate football began and how far we’ve come.
Some of the pictures are truly fascinating especially the section on our early games at the old College Stadium. I’ve walked that part of campus many times, and I could never picture how they would have football games there.
If you are a Pirate fan this book is worth the $15 for nostalgia alone and for a little knowledge on the roots of the Purple and Gold.
Get your copy here. East Carolina University Football (Images of Sports)


Pirate Football.

ECU Football
“It’s pride. It’s tradition. It’s passion. It’s a group facing adversity, looking it square in the eye, hitting it right in the jaw and saying, ‘Bring it on. Want some and get some.’ ” – Ruffin Mcneil

I know most of you don’t care about College Football. Well its something pretty important to me. As I get ready to make my 1st of 6 trips this fall to Greenville, NC for East Carolina Football that quote above from our current coach reflects a lot of my feelings for the boys in Purple n Gold. So many people I know from my days at East Carolina have overcome many obstacles, and now are starting to get the benefits from that hard work. And so many people still tell us what we can’t do. Say what you will about East Carolina, but I think it instills a desire for more in everyone who attends and pays attention. It’s my school and I’ll forever be thankful for it. And we are Pirates. In more ways then one.

The other most important part of the trip for me is family. Both of my parents went there and its the one time of year I’m sure to spend time with my dad and my brother. As we all live so many different lives right now, and after years of Northeast and Midwest exile for me, its really great just to walk in the tailgate fields with them, experience the atmosphere, and know that we will share the same memories of last minute wins, and even terrible losses years from now. But we will share them together.
So tonight, I’m putting my flags on the car windows and driving 5 1/2 hours to Greenville, NC. Its a city I’m not overly fond of, but a school that shaped me into parts of what I am today. Go Pirates! PURPLE!


2011 Pirate Football

Wooh! The schedule is out super early this year, meaning I have to dream about Sept 3rd for even longer. Charlotte versus South Carolina will be nice, but a week later Va Tech in Dowdy Ficklen (hopefully at night) will be amazing. Can’t wait!

Sept. 3 – vs. South Carolina (Charlotte, N.C.)
Sept. 24 – *UAB
Oct. 8 – *at Houston
Oct. 15 – *at Memphis
Oct. 22 – at Navy
Oct. 29 – *TULANE (HC)
Nov. 12 – *at UTEP
Nov. 19 – *UCF
Nov. 26 – *at Marshall
Dec. 3 – C-USA Championship Game (at highest-seed campus site)


Just another celebratory picture, since come Saturday it will be on to Marshall, this one on States campus Saturday Night.



I have the best friends. This awesome budweiser can circa 1970’s showed up at my house today from my friends at the Iowa City Barnes & Noble. Miss you guys! Thanks so much!


Dowdy Ficklen

Endzone almost finished bringing capacity to 50,000 with that brand new HD videoboard ranking as the 21st largest one in the land. I can not wait too see the Bojangles chicken dance on it this year. Go Pirates! September 5th can’t get here soon enough.



What an amazing speech to have been given over a 100 years ago and still ring true today.
East Carolina University.


Going Back to Memphis.

I will be going back to Memphis on January 1st to watch my Pirates play in the Liberty Bowl. I find it funny the role of Memphis in my life these last 13 years. That’s how long it has been since East Carolina went to the Liberty Bowl last. I was still in High School then and I made the trek with my parents to watch ECU beat Stanford on a cold dreary day. Later, I would live in Memphis for exactly one year and the city left me with some good moments, but overall, not really my kind of vibe. I’m debating where I should hit on my very short stay, coming in the 1st and leaving the 3rd. Even with only spending a year in a place, you can develop lots of favorites and it will be hard to do any of them justice. I’m interested to see how downtown has progressed. When I went as a teenager it was a wasteland besides Beale st. While I lived there the Fed Ex Forum had been built, and the Peabody Place mall made downtown nice and safe and more than just Beale St. Autozone Park is one of my favorite Baseball stadiums I’ve ever been in. Now Tower Records is bankrupt so I wonder what anchors that mall? I guess I’ll find out in less than three weeks. Of course, a Pirate Victory and I’ll be happy with the rest of the festivities, whatever they may be.