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DC Universe #0 Why?

f_dcuzero-cv1-r5.jpg O.k. so i put my fifty cents down for DC Universe #0 the book to launch all the DC crossovers and major storylines this year. The Best. Batman R.I.P. why is it that Batman and his cast of villians outshine the rest of the DC universe everytime. It’s probably why i didn’t care about any of the other stories in this collection. Multiple universes blah blah blah, oh a Flash is coming back. Who cares? Sorry I know its my Marvel gene but even for fifty cents this wasn’t all that great. But Batman R.I.P. I may actually have to pick up.


Serenity: Better Days #1

15190.jpg Yeah, more Serenity. It’s a shame the only way we are going to get more Serenity is in comic form, but hey as long as Whedon writes dialouge like this Im fine with it. And at the end we get confirmation that there will be a Sheperd Book series this fall! YES!


Astonishing X-men #24

Astonishing X-men #24 is the last of the regular sized issues for Whedon and Cassidy and it ends well. There were a few times I felt as though Cyclops was channeling Whedon’s Mal characther from Firefly but that was in no means a bad thing. A- and I’m ready for the Giant sized Finale.


Fell # 9 Review.

O.k. I know I haven’t really spent much time on comics lately. Still been reading them, just been too busy to really pay much attention to review them. But Fell #9 from Mr. Warren Ellis and Mr. Ben Templesmith does it again. In just 16 pages it manages to tell a complete story, use storytelling techniques brand new to the medium and look absolutely amazing. It’s one of the few comics left today that are worth the wait. Another fine issue. A Plus.


movies and comics, oh my!

Went to see American Gangster last night. A very good crime flick and one of the only movies I’ve seen this year that feels like an oscar movie. Denzel Washington should get a nod and the direction of Ridley Scott is focused soley on the story he is telling. Very very good.

But I liked the Darjeeling Limited better. I’ve always had a soft spot for Wes Anderson and this is his most serious film yet. Makes me want to research Indian train lines.

Picked up Hellboy Darkness Calls #6 today and it ends the story for baba yaga yet again. It was a very good Hellboy story overall and I really really love the coloring in this book.

Also got Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men # 23 and it was o.k. but not as emotionally charged as the past few issues. Give it a B.


Astonishing X-Men #22. Wow. that last three pages just hit so hard. If Joss Whedon doesn’t get back to scripting film soon then it’s a real shame. This book is the most cinematic the X-men have ever been and they all just feel so right. Seriously, when Whedon leaves comics, which all indicators point to soon, the film world better be ready. John Cassady’s art is superb as well. APLUS best single issue I’ve read in quite some time.



Loveless # 19. Wow. finally the story gets going again. I was slowly giving up on this book but not now. Tight story telling and the art is back at top form.

The Immortal Iron Fist. Hardcover collecting the first six issues. If you would have told me that in 2007 two of marvel’s coolest characthers would be Luke Cage and Iron Fist I would have laughed. Brian Bendis made Cage relevant again and this is what Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker have done with Iron Fist. A must for any fan of Martial Arts comics.

Anders Nilsen’s Dogs and Water is sparse in it’s renderings and it’s pacing is almost dreamlike. He leaves alot for the reader to figure out and that is quite alright. One of the better indie books I’ve seen this year.


movies and comics

Sunshine is a great old fashion scifi film for the first hour and a half, and then it becomes a weird horror film. Overall its pretty good and it’s nice to see a science fiction film that doesn’t rely on explosion after explosion. And Chris Evans can act. Should have never been in Fantastic Four.

New Warriors # 3 So much tech here, you have to wonder when Stark and his shield boys will come down hard on the group. Its a nice ride in the post civil war universe.

Sea Of Red finished the first two trades. One too go. Vampires and Pirates, can you go wrong much?