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Initial thoughts. The tech is there, and its impressive. It really is a pretty amazing camera that can make you the controller. Its also pretty fun watching yourself after the game in the silly photos it takes of you. Right now though, I think Kinect just needs time to get some triple aaa titles. Adventures is fun, but it’s only gonna be fun in short periods. Which is what Im gonna return to right now. :>


Pinball Fx 2

Pinball Fx 2 came out today for Xbox 360. If you bought the first game and any of the extra tables then buy the main game if nothing else. Its a free download and it offers free importing of your original tables. They all got upgrades and the improvement is noticeable, especially on the Street Fighter 2 table, which before I couldn’t tell what was going on, but now the vision is much better. The only table I feel suffered from the upgrade is Rocky and Bullwinkle as it is now pretty slow. Fx 2 shows how far they have come from their first tables. Speed Machine and Xtreme are pretty bland tables when compared to the new tables on FX2.

Of the new tables Rome is by far the best Pinball experience, where Secrets of the Deep is the most accesible. They are both great tables. Biolab might be fun, but it is overly full of gaudy colors and is hard to play for long. Pasha is decent and has great music, but I think its a table Ill need to master before passing judgement. Don’t know how the online games are as I havent found a match tonight.
All in all a great sequel, worth it for fans of video pinball, and owners of the first game will love this one.


E3 day one thoughts

The ESPN/ Microsoft Partnership may be the coolest thing I saw all day. If I can watch my Pirates on ESPN3 on the xbox instead of my computer in HD, then I’m there in a second.

Not a big fan of what was shown for Kinect so far. Looks like they haven’t targeted much to their core audience, which in my opinion is a major mistake. Otherwise you can just stick with a Wii. UPDATE: UBISOFT is releasing a semisequel to classic REZ for both KINETIC and PSMOve. I will want that so lets see what PS has in other games before choosing either.

Gears 3 looks sick, but it is my favorite modern game series.

Otherwise the MS presser was a yawnner for me as I’m way passed bored with Call of Duty and Halo. Bring up the hype tommorow Nintendo and Sony.


My Post E3 top ten most anticipated games.

Sure there is still two days left of E3 and there is the possibilty of more announcements, but the big three have made their announcements and most everything that’s coming soon is known to us.
I’m excited to see how Microsoft’s Project Natal works and when it will actually come out, but until then here’s what really matters, my ten most wanted games(that haven’t come out yet)
I’m surprised at how many are for Wii, perhaps, i’ll finally be able to dust it off and play something on it.

#1 New Super Mario Bros Wii!
Easily this was my favorite game on the Nintendo DS and I longed for a sequel. Add in four player co-op, and the ability to view those bright happy colors on the big screen and I’m sold. First Day Purchase.

#2 Muramasa The Demon Blade Wii
From the makers of Odin Sphere, Vanilla Ware a beautiful 2-d hack n slash. Of course!

#3 Marvel Versus Capcom 2 Xbox 360 Arcade.
I actually dusted this off on my Dreamcast the other day and it still is so much fun. I can’t wait to take my team of Morrigan, Ryu and Spiderman and kick your butt online!

#4 Wii Sports Resort
The first Wii Sports sold you on the Wii’s potential. This one looks just as fun and you get the wii motion plus as well.

#5 Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360
Heck yeah. I loved the first game, and although I’m not a fan of Sandbox games, I want this to be good so bad. I want to live in Deadwood after all.

#6 Final Fantasy 13 Xbox360
Yep. Awesome.

#7 Call of Duty Modern Warfare #2 Xbox360
I can’t believe this is in my list, but my brother has got me hooked and this just looks like a multiplayer haven.

#8 Capcom Versus Tastunuko Wii
Two versus games in one year. I actually played this a year ago on an import wii, and I still have trouble believing the Wii’s processor can move that fast.
I think all my teams will have viewtiful Joe in them.

#9 Little Big Planet PSP
Since I won’t be getting a PS3 anytime soon, this is about as close to Little Big Planet as I can get.

#10 Metroid : The Other M. Wii.
This was the shock of the show to me. Team Ninja working with Nintendo? I’ll be interested to see how it works, and hey it’s Metroid!

Just outside the list.
Lost Planet 2, Bioshock 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, (yeah sequels :<) System Count. Wii 5 360 4 PSP 1


Geometry Wars 2: Awesometastic!

ss_gwre2_2.jpgGeometry Wars 2 is my latest addiction. I believe its the simplicity of the concept rolled into the complexity of the gameplay. It’s an old fashioned quarter muncher from the arcade days, where the more you play, the better you get. And when you die, you just feel the need to start all over again. I enjoyed the first game, but this thing is so much deeper. With five games modes all with their own stiff challenges, Geometry Wars 2, may have me hitting start again, and again, well past my bedtime.