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Pinball Fx 2

Pinball Fx 2 came out today for Xbox 360. If you bought the first game and any of the extra tables then buy the main game if nothing else. Its a free download and it offers free importing of your original tables. They all got upgrades and the improvement is noticeable, especially on the Street Fighter 2 table, which before I couldn’t tell what was going on, but now the vision is much better. The only table I feel suffered from the upgrade is Rocky and Bullwinkle as it is now pretty slow. Fx 2 shows how far they have come from their first tables. Speed Machine and Xtreme are pretty bland tables when compared to the new tables on FX2.

Of the new tables Rome is by far the best Pinball experience, where Secrets of the Deep is the most accesible. They are both great tables. Biolab might be fun, but it is overly full of gaudy colors and is hard to play for long. Pasha is decent and has great music, but I think its a table Ill need to master before passing judgement. Don’t know how the online games are as I havent found a match tonight.
All in all a great sequel, worth it for fans of video pinball, and owners of the first game will love this one.


Nintendo 3ds

Just shown in Japan overnight heres the current launch games for the 3ds, priced at 299 in Japan, Feb 2011. Probably March or later here. 299 is high, but one look at that Kid Icuras footage, and i’m saving my credit card points for it.


I love fandom

This video from a Sonic 4 reveal at the Screw Attack Convention this month really warms my geek heart. I love the unhinged enthusiasm, for of all things a 2d video game about a blue hedgehog, and thankfully for once, none of his pals.


e3 day two.

The 3DS. With Kid ICARUS! Every game in development for the 3ds here Pretty Impressive list. I’ll buy one to replace my old PHAT. Yeah, I still play on a gen 1 ds.

Zelda Skyward Swords. The last game, actually the only game that had me not switch between systems was Twilight Princess. Can’t wait for more console Link.

Goldeneye remade for the Wii. Cool. Donkey Kong returns, and last years Metroid Other M.

Sony Didn’t really show me anything I must have, not sold on the move yet, so I guess surprisingly Nintendo stole the show for me at least.


E3 day one thoughts

The ESPN/ Microsoft Partnership may be the coolest thing I saw all day. If I can watch my Pirates on ESPN3 on the xbox instead of my computer in HD, then I’m there in a second.

Not a big fan of what was shown for Kinect so far. Looks like they haven’t targeted much to their core audience, which in my opinion is a major mistake. Otherwise you can just stick with a Wii. UPDATE: UBISOFT is releasing a semisequel to classic REZ for both KINETIC and PSMOve. I will want that so lets see what PS has in other games before choosing either.

Gears 3 looks sick, but it is my favorite modern game series.

Otherwise the MS presser was a yawnner for me as I’m way passed bored with Call of Duty and Halo. Bring up the hype tommorow Nintendo and Sony.


quick gaming plus and minus-

Having just got my PS3 can say so far.
Spending more time in Home than anything else. Who knew walking around in virtual worlds could be so addicting?
I like Uncharted. Feels like a 90’s take on Indiana Jones.
Will be buying Little Big Planet when funds amount.

On the 360.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Blur demo/beta. I think I’ve just missed a good arcade racer in my life. Will be getting this one.
Not so thrilled with the Lost Planet 2 demo. Maybe I’m too old to shoot people?

Games I wish I had more time for, Super Mario Bros Wii, Madworld.