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I’ve signed up for Twitch finally and can be found here.
Someone got luckycreature so im luckycreature1 for Twitch purposes. I won’t be making any real shows but will stream some of the games on Xbox and PS4 that i’m playing for your amusement. I’m luckycreature on both of those ecosystems if you want to friend me there. If you want to know when a stream goes live my Twitter is set up to post when live.

If you check out a stream let me know what you like.


Horizon Zero Dawn

The latest trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn continues to make this look like the most epic game Playstation has attempted in a while. It sometimes has some Uncanny Valley moments in the trailer, but overall looks gorgeous. I’m a little concerned the gameplay will be over complicated as some of the RPG elements frankly scare me, but this trailer shows the story is there and is massive. I like that you really can’t tell much about the people other than some Native American influence and some lost technology type of civilization. Can’t wait to give the game a try when it releases.

Tomorrow I will have the Switch press conference impressions if I can stay up to midnight tonight.


Gears of War 4: A family affair.

When I booted up Gears of War 4 to an image of James Fenix my wife commented, “he looks like a meathead”.
“Well he is,” was my response.
Then Marcus Fenix, the protagonist of the first three Gears games, appeared, an older and more grizzled version of James, my wife said, “He looks like a meathead too.”
“Well he’s the meatheads daddy,” I replied.
“Where’s his mommy?” She asked.
“She’s dead…… but she was a meathead as well.”
My wife left the room and I dove in to the around 8 hour single player campaign of Gears of War 4.
All the classic 3rd person duck and cover gameplay that made the series prominent last generation still exists. It’s heightened by pretty amazing weather effects and one or two intriguing set pieces that change the gameplay completely. I personally could do without the mech combat near the end of the game but it doesn’t take away from a solid ride fueled mostly by one thing.

The tag line for Gears 4 is “Never Fight Alone”. And that is the series at its best. In the first three games you and your oversized linebacker buddies delved deep into the locust underground relying on one thing only, each other. Even Marcus’s backstory is filled with him disobeying orders to save his father. In the new one family is even more important as James enlists his fathers help and although strained as many father-son relationships are they still answer the call. The main story is propelled by new character Kait trying to rescue her mother from the new enemies The Swarm. And in the end of Gears of War 4, the final revelation is about family.
Family is what you fight for, it’s what you go to war for and sometimes the people who fight along side you become the one thing worth dying for. They become family.
Beneath the over masculine framework Gears tells this story very very well.
“Never Fight Alone”. img_4414


A week as a Ps4 owner.

So it’s been about a week since I got my Playstation 4 and I’ve got to say my initial impressions are very positive.
The system improves on the loading and downloading problems that plagued my time with the PS3. Plus it runs very quiet for a machine so powerful.
I will recommend that if you pick up a PS4 to make sure you buy Playstation plus as well. For less than the cost of a game you get a new free game each month. As soon as I turned on Plus I received Outlast, Resogun, Warframe, and Blacklight. 4 great games to get my new system up and running, and just this Tuesday got Dead Nation as March’s free game. Add to the fact that Plus allows you online game saves and multiplayer gaming, and it’s a no brainer.

A few early concerns I have are the blu ray drive lasting as it loads really loudly and also the major issue I can see is the hard drive. It’s 500 gb but games are huge ranging up to 50 gb each. It wont be long before I will need a bigger storage system. Hopefully Sony offers an add-on hard drive before next year.

Overall I’m glad with my next generation choice, and if you get a PS4 be sure to friend me, as always I’m luckycreature.



Initial thoughts. The tech is there, and its impressive. It really is a pretty amazing camera that can make you the controller. Its also pretty fun watching yourself after the game in the silly photos it takes of you. Right now though, I think Kinect just needs time to get some triple aaa titles. Adventures is fun, but it’s only gonna be fun in short periods. Which is what Im gonna return to right now. :>