New Postcards

So I loved Fury Road. Loved it more than I should any movie made today. It made me feel like a kid again. A kid whose eyeballs fall out from whats on the screen. Well I made some new letterpress postcards today, one from Fury Road and one from Beyond Thunderdome. You can get them at my etsy if you’d like right here ETSY PRINTS


Caledon Part 2.

Caledon Part 1

When Caledon crested the surface he let go of the air pocket spell to consere his strength. He spun in the waves until he saw his vessel, a tiny skipper with a lone purple sail raised.
“HEY!!! Azarin! HEY!”
Caledon saw some motion on the boat but it didn’t turn towards him. He started swimming towards the boat and his leg throbbed more by the minute. He closed his eyes and whispered a small healing spell. It would at least numb the pain, but he knew he needed to get out of the water soon and get the leg treated properly. Joseph was also on the boat and he was the true healer of the trio. They had all met in first year at Tanta Academy and even though they had all chosen different disciplines in the mystical arts they remained friends.
As he got closer Caledon called again and this time Azarin spun, his tall thin frame moving to get the boat turned towards Caledon. Caledon breathed a sigh of relief and decided to float and wait for his rescue to arrive. As the boat pulled close Joseph offered his hand to the tired floating magician.
“What are you doing over here Cal?” he said with a smirk.
“Would you believe I just fought an Angular?”
Azarin raised an eye at that.
“This far out? That’s strange. Did you get what we came for?”
“Thanks for your concern, I’m fine” Caledon said as he pulled himself onto the vessel. Joseph saw the wound and went to work on it right away.
“Nasty cut Cal, I’ll do what I can but it’s going to need mending back on shore” said Joseph.
Azarin had moved closer to inspect the wound then exchanged glances with Caledon who shrugged and reached into his coat pocket to pull out a brown bag. He tossed it to Azarin who went straight to opening it.
He pulled out a beautiful crystal stone. The sea light reflected through it creating a prism of colors that enveloped the whole ship.
“Wow,” said all three friends at the same time.
“The Captains Stone,” whispered Caledon.



Caledon knew the power of the words. Every first year magician knew the spell. It was usually just a simple defense casting. But under the right circumstances, when contained in a small space or underwater the force of the shield could also act as a weapon.
Luckily for Caledon then that the Angular, a thin fish like creature with a long scaled tail and two arms brandishing dual tridents had backed him up towards a submerged vessel.
The young wizard knew he needed to concentrate, he had to manage to maintain the air pocket spell which kept him alive and breathing at this depth while also conjuring his shield blast.
The Angular came on fast, shoving his tridents in rapid succession. Caledon managed to dodge the first few jabs but caught one on his thigh. A thick gush of red dirtied the sea. He knew he would need to get that under control quickly, as the scent of human blood was an attractive proposition for the creatures who lived in this section of Lion’s Coast.
The Angular’s face distorted into what may have passed for a smile as he saw the wound, and he came on brandishing one trident over his head with ease ready to plunge it into Caledons heart. The young wizard said the words, but he focused on the incoming trident, its sharp pointed end meaning almost assuredly his demise. He closed his eyes and prepared for his death. His mother would be there waiting for him. He wondered if she would scold him for being in the sea, or for joining the Tanta Academy. She had always been against his training to be a wizard. A small thud surrounded him, but nothing pierced his skin. Gradually he opened his eye to see that his shield glowed blue around him, sparkling in the water. Floating in front of him and slowly rising up was a prone Angular, tridents released from its unconscious grasp. Caledon sighed deep and turned to escape. His leg was still bleeding and its beacon meant he would be fish food before long. He had lost his bearings in the fight with the sea creature and knew he needed to get back to his ship so he swam in the only direction he was sure of.
He swam towards the light.


goodbye Mr Nimoy

Just need to write today and say thank you to Leonard Nimoy. I first discovered Star Trek through a neighbors house while cat sitting at the young age of six. They had the old one episode on tape vhs cassettes you can now find in yard sales everywhere. My whole fandom starts with Star Trek and everywhere it diverts to is because of that show.
Nimoy along with Shatner are the reason I am a geek, and it’s hard to express how their playing these roles changed my life. Unlike a lot of things that fascinate as a child, Star Trek continues to mean something as an adult and Mr Nimoy is an important part of that. He also lived his life as an artist and for that we should all salute him. Rest in peace sir. We will all try to live long and prosper because of you.


Ladies of Letterpress:The Book

My awesome wife with her cofounder of Ladies of Letterpress Kseniya Thomas have a new book coming out in April. It’s up for preorder here on Amazon. I’ve already seen a copy and it includes 80 amazing posters and details on letterpress shops all over the country. A great coffee style book for fans of letterpress printing.

Jessica’s instructional book Letterpress Now is still in print and available here on Amazon


Munny Rough

Bought a clearance DIY Munny and went to work. Even gave him brass knuckles thanks to the 3d Doodler.










The window with star icicles fogs up as the gas burns to heat. Outside a dog barks in cadence with some unseen animal sheltering from the wind. Maggie feels a cold chill as her blanket slides. She leans back into Cecil, whose warmth compensates for the dying temperature. She thinks about her son away at his fathers this weekend and wonders if he has trouble sleeping without her as well. Maggie knows he prefers to stay with his dad, but she hasn’t quite admitted that to herself. Her partner stirs, reaches his arm around her belly.
“Hey. You up?”
“Yeah I am. Getting ready to go.”
“Oh. Well, why don’t you stay?”
It’s sweet, and she wants to but once he falls back asleep she slides from his embrace and heads out into the winter night.
Her car is cold, the heat slowly defrosting the frozen windshield. She sees the eyes of something in the woods reflect in her headlights. It watches her for a moment than wanders off. Maggie turns on the radio to the sound of Tom Petty’s Running Down a Dream. She hums it for a bit, then turns the sound off. Better to drive in silence.
There is no music left in Maggie anymore anyway.


Agent Carter: Instant Reaction

Just finished the first two episodes of Marvels agent carter and there are 5 reasons it wins on first touch.

1: setting. The 1940’s setting plays well on the small screen and feels way more alive that most television settings.

2: It’s a strong Female lead in the Marvel universe who isnt wearing spandex. That alone gets it points.

3: Jarvis. Howard Starks butler adds a much needed sidekick and his wife I have a feeling we will never see is a very important setpiece for the writers.

4: It feels Big. Where Marvels Agents of Shield lacked focus for most of the first season, we already have a clear and dangerous problem to deal with and it just works on every level.

5: Haley Atwell. She is Peggy Carter. Anyone else wishing this would permanetly replace Agents of Shield?


My Illogicon Schedule

Excited to be a guest again at Illogicon in Cary, NC. I’m on two panels there this weekend both on Sunday.
First I’m hosting a sketchcard workshop open to all skill levels on Sunday at 1100am. All participants will be given at least one sketch card and plastic case and have a chance to make a sketch card for themselves.
I’m also on The Sporting Geek panel where us Geeks will be talking about Sports at 1pm . LOL.
See everyone in Cary this weekend.


Custom Turtle

I really don’t mind blind box toys when they are just casual buys. I hate them for minimates which are the only things I collect. Blind bags make it really hard to get what you want and as imagesomeone who budgets for his toys it sucks to get one you already have. Which is why when I got a second Leo I decided to paint him like the old school comic turtles. He came out okay and now I have a black and white turtle that no one else does.