Killing Card is out of print.

kccov3 Mark Schwabers The Killing card is out of print from us. Its the last of our music releases I had left. It was an honor to release it and maybe one day I will release other music but for not the label side of luckycreature is a part of our memories. Thanks for listening!


Be About It #11

My flash poem Endings is included in the latest issue of Be About It. This is issue #11 of this great zine. It’s my third appearance in the zine. My story Statues of Iowa City appears in issue 4, and my poem “like a..” appears in issue 10. You can get a copy of the new issue here, here.

Updated release list here


Publication Update.

My flash story Housing appears in the latest
Poetry & Paint the Future edition.
The editor descibes my story in the forward like this
‘Shawn Scott Smith envisions a sci-fi, technologic utopia, of sorts. Yet, its satirical tone is mocking of advertising speech, and as we see a world unfold where we build upwards, it soon appears closer to a dystopia”

You can buy physical copies in Color Black and White and an ebook edition is also available here.

Updated my publication list here

Thanks for reading.


What Happens in The Dark.

I have a piece of art work in the zine “What Happens in The Dark, A Grand Theft Auto Zine” out now and available to download free at the following links.
Main Page and
Read it on Issuu here
There are also links to download it directly through Google and Mediafire if you prefer higher image resolutions from the main page above.
My piece is on page 7 and is the first piece of art in the zine. Some great artists to be included with. Enjoy.


Wrecking Ball Atlanta

Had an amazing time at Wrecking Ball in Atlanta this weekend.
Saw so many bands I never thought I would see again like Braid, Knapsack, Samiam, Getup Kids, Appleseed Cast, and discovered new ones like GirlPool, Frankie Cosmos, Northbound and so many more. What a great music festival, and one I plan on attending again.


Lantern Corps

New print available now in my Etsy all the lantern colors represented.


Exercises in Breathing

Long out of print, our third release under our original label, Fond of Fabrication.
Full cd now up on youtube for your streaming.



Take me down by the river.
Take me down to the streams.
I’ll never leave this place
the where is never free,
Take me down by the river
guilded with terrible golden hair
Take Me down by the river
a beautiful bounty to see.
Always in my memory,
a kiss under the tree.