Telemetry out now!

Telemetry is a collection of poetry and short fiction I’ve written from 2014-2017. It was pretty important to me to collect these works and get them out into the world. A nice paperback version is available at Amazon here for 5.99.
There is also a kindle version available. ISBN for booksellers is ISBN-13: 978-1984042262 and
ISBN-10: 1984042262

Thanks so much for reading it, it means a lot.


Art Lounge Show

Happy to have these 6 new paintings in a group show Tiny Pieces, Tiny Prices coming up at the Art Lounge in Spartanburg, SC .
The opening reception is May 18th, and they will hang till June 1st. If your in the area, stop by and see them and take them home. 10$ each.


Man in High Castle season2

We finished Man in High Castle Season 2. Season 1 set up most of the story arcs and the big revelation that it was possible for people to traverse both of the worlds. Minister Tamogi spends most of season two in our world where the US won the world war and while most things are better his family life is in disarray in this world.
Jon Smith, the Nazi commander deals with a family issue that shows he’s more human than the ruthless Nazi they portrayed in season one and Joe Blake ends up in Germany to find more than he bargained for.

If your a fan of alternative history there has never been a show like this before. The first season has some uneven parts but it all pays off in the fast paced season 2 without losing the history and unique takes on what could have been.
If you want to check it out click below for a free thirty day trial of Amazon Prime. More than enough time to watch the entire show.



I’ve signed up for Twitch finally and can be found here.
Someone got luckycreature so im luckycreature1 for Twitch purposes. I won’t be making any real shows but will stream some of the games on Xbox and PS4 that i’m playing for your amusement. I’m luckycreature on both of those ecosystems if you want to friend me there. If you want to know when a stream goes live my Twitter is set up to post when live.

If you check out a stream let me know what you like.


Charlotte Minicon

Went to the Charlotte Minicon today. It’s probably the 4th year in a row we’ve gone. This year is the first we didnt get anything for ourselves. I did find an ewok and rdd2 for Milo and got him a Huey Lewey and Dewey comic book.
The con had a lot more comic dealers this year than in years past. The few toy dealers did have a good selection but we didn’t find anything we had to have this year.
Its always a good show and lots of fun either way. It was the 40th year for the Minicon and here’s hoping there will be many many more.


Moon Knight Vol 1: From The Dead.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Warren Ellis, from his first issue of Transmetropolitan. To have him writing Moon Knight who has always been one of my favorite Marvel b heroes was just icing on the cake. Moon Knight really got a revitilization by Brian Michael Bendis about ten years ago making the hero basically a lunatic driven mad by the god Knoshu. Warren Ellis chooses to play on that angle but only focuses on the vigilante aspect of the story and no longer on Marc Spector, the man under the mask.

Most of the issues are pure violence without much room for dialogue or story. It’s as if Ellis had one point to make with this story, and it’s that being a crimefighter isn’t about words but about leaving blood on the criminals and the streets. There’s no grey to the story. It’s a strange departure for his writing style, but his style still seeps through in the one or two quips Moon Knight gives his victims. The book is an enjoyable although fast read due to the lack of words and the new costume designed by Declan Shavey is a splendid mix of the old look and straight gangster.
I enjoyed it and am continuing the story post Warren Ellis. I’ll have a volume 2 review later.
Moon Knight Volume 1: From the Dead


Toy Look : Gears of War Mystery Mini’s

I’ve been a fan of Gears of War since the first game so these Mystery Mini’s which cover all parts of the Gear’s Universe were easy to choose even with the blind packaging.

So many blind package figures have duds in the line but all these are important parts of the games history. I always prefer the locust so to be able to get General Swarm and a Drone is awesome.

At 6$ the value is very worth it and many of the specific characters can be had on Ebay for that amount. I’m still trying to acquire a Marcus Fenix at a price point I’m happy with.

As with all Mystery Mini’s they don’t have any articulation but for a tiny statue for your desk they are pretty perfect.


The Flash: Borrowing problems from the future.

Tonight’s midseason return for The Flash brought back the fun of the show I like but also some of the extra worry that Mr Barry Allen seems to be always strapped with. The episode is titled Borrowing Problems From the Future. That’s exactly the gimmick the writers have been relying on for the past season. Anytume they solve a problem for Barry, they delve it to what if’s or what could be if Team Flash doesn’t make the right decision. It’s a small departure from Flashpoint where Barry change timelines by going into the past but in the end, isn’t he still meddling with the timeline?

The time travel stuff has always been one of the shows strong points but we are quickly losing the team dynamic and fun of earlier episodes in favor of a brooding Barry staffed only with saving Iris and those he loves. Sometimes I just want to watch him run, and not always in the timestream.

Still it’s the only CW show I’m still following and one of the few shows I can’t wait to watch with Milo when he’s older. Till next week.